Posts Written OnJanuary 04, 2006

WBW #17: Borthwick Vineyard 2003 Pinot Noir

When The CorkDork suggested Kiwi Reds for this, the 17th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, I thought it was a great idea. Personally, I had only tried one New Zealand red, a pinot noir from Spy Valley. I enjoyed it, so I was happy for the excuse to explore more. Well, it was much more difficult to find a wine to post about than I thought. Isn’t NZ supposed to be a fairly "hot" region for wines beyond sauvignon blanc? After visiting a few mediocre shops that didn’t have any wines that fit the bill, I headed to one that…

NYC Wine Classes by Dr. Vino

The good doctor, Dr. Vino that is, has just announced some new wine classes he’s offering in Manhattan. Doc knows his stuff, so I’m sure they are all worth checking out: January 25 at NYU (5 weeks)Blending Innovation and Tradition: Old World Wine RegionsRegister now February 2 at NYU (6 weeks)Becoming a Wine Expert: The Essentials of Wine Tasting Register nowMarch 23 at NYU (5 weeks)Blending Innovation and Tradition: New World Wine Regions Register now

Vote for the Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo

Don’t forget, today is Wine Blogging Wednesday, your opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and fun with wine lovers the world over. This month, we’re hosted by the Corkdork with Red Kiwi’s as the theme. (I’ll post about my wine tonight). A few months ago, I announced a little logo design contest for the event and the time has come to uncork the potential designs…and YOU GET TO VOTE FOR THE WINNER. I was going to put together a team of judges, but with only five entries, I thought it much more democratic to let "the people" speak and vote.…