Posts Written OnJanuary 23, 2006

Are Any Seattle Food Bloggers Die Hard Seahawks Fans?

Every year, the mayors of the two Super Bowl participant cities make a wager on the game…usually special items that are only available or that are particularly good in each city. Well, it’s time to bring that spirit to Super Bowl XL. I’m willing to play the part of Pittsburgh representative…any Seattle bloggers interested in a little friendly wager? Of course there are a ton of Seattle food bloggers…some of you are among my favorites. But, Kate is a native Pittsburgher…so I know she isn’t going to bet against the black and gold. Any takers?

Best Wine Blog of 2005 — Vinography

For the second straight year, Alder Yarrow, the founder of Vinography, has won the award for the Best Blog on Wine, Beer or Spirits. Congratulations to Alder, yet again! It would appear that the only way any of the rest of us will ever win this competition is to put a hit out on Alder. Unfortunately, his blog is so good and he’s such a good guy, it’s hard to hate him 🙂 It was an honor just to be nominated…as it appears that’s all any of us can shoot for until Alder hangs up his keyboard. And let’s not…

Go Steelers — Heading to the Super Bowl

Much to my joy, I spent yesterday afternoon with good food (Nena makes great pizza), good drink (IC Light of course with some Belgian-style ale provided by my buddy Ginz) and great friends (even if most of them are Jets fans)…all while watching the Steelers put a hurting on the Broncos. Jake "the Fake" Plummer regressed back to his Arizona Cardinals days just long enough for us to win and make it to the Super Bowl. I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m sure Nena is beyond tired of hearing me say "We’re in the Super Bowl. We’re in the…