Shinn_04redI have an announcement to make: I have a new favorite local red wine for every day, food-friendly drinking.

Shinn Estate Vineyard’s non-vintage Red ($14) is a blend of 75% merlot and 25% cabernet sauvignon, isn’t the most complex local merlot. It isn’t the richest, deepest pour either…but it’s ideally suited for food

Light-to-medium bodied, this wine actually has some pinot noir-like qualities despite the grapes involved. Light ruby in the glass, the nose is mainly raspberry and strawberries, with just the most subtle hints of spice. The palate is juicy red berries, hints of oak character, and terrific food-friendly acidity that is what makes this wine so charming.

It’s not really non-vintage (all of the grapes came from 2004) but they want to keep their options open for future releases. I can only assume the same is true with the name — at 75% merlot, they could legally label it merlot.