Gcc_june150I’m happy to announce that Grand Cru Classes, founded by LENNDEVOURS reader Jared Skolnick and his wife Tracy Kamens will be teaching their first wine classes starting June 10.

Because their own facility, formerly the Catapano Goat Farm (which is in the process of relocating), isn’t quite ready, they will be teaching their classes at various North Fork wineries, including Bedell Cellars, Castello di Borghese and Martha Clara Vineyards.

In June, the are starting with their Wine Discovery Series, which will provides students with a solid foundation in the basics of grape growing, wine making and tasting technique and can serve as a great first step before you head out to the local wineries. Class tastings will focus on either a variety of wine styles
or on component tasting (sweet vs. dry, acid, tannin).

The first class "Vine to Wine" will explore the full production cycle. It covers grape growing and
important factors that affect wine production as well as wine production itself. Students will be guided through a tasting of five wines of differing styles and types.

I’ve been emailing with Jared for weeks (months) now and we’re just trying to find a time to meet over a glass (or two…or ten) of wine. He and I seem to share a lot of the same goals for the local wine scene, along with Pittsburgh Steelers fandom.

And, both Jared and Tracy have started their own blogs:

Vine Views (Jared)
Grape Matters (Tracy)

Look for more here soon as I get to know them both more. I know that they are preparing to plant their own educational vineyard on the property, and I can certainly see some dual Grand Cru-LENNDEVOURS projects in the future.

All of their June classes are 50% and I know for a fact that they have a few seats left. Sign up today.