TorbreckOkay, so I’m a couple days late posting this. I swear that I did taste this wine before this past Wednesday, which was Wine Blogging Wednesday #30, hosted by Tim of Winecast.

Of course, I didn’t take formal notes. The wine was enjoyed with some hastily prepared (and consumed) sausage fajitas in between Jackson’s meals. But I did come away with some impressions.

When I first opened it, the nose was simple-all blackberry jam-and the palate was similarly boring. "Just another Aussie fruit bomb" I thought to myself. But, I was taken away for a couple hours, you know, changing diapers and the like, and when I came back, the wine had changed quite a bit.

There was still a load of blackberry jam there, but also some anise, pepper, and charcoal. The best think about this wine was the big, bold palate that is somehow still silky.

Overall, not the type of wine I prefer-and certainly more of a cocktail wine than a food wine, but for $17 it’s not bad. After I tasted the wine, an Internet search revealed that Parker gave this a 92, which isn’t at all surprising and if I had know that I may not have bought it.