Well it looks like I’ll be bottling my 6-8 cases of 2006 cabernet franc sometime in mid-to-late March. With all that has been going on, I’ve been a neglectful winemaker, but luckily Rich has been keeping a well-trained eye on my vino.

Of course, once the wine is in bottle, I’ll need to label it, right?

So, I’ve been knocking around some name ideas for the wine and thought I’d throw them out for discussion:

PlumpJackson. Obviously this bring my recently born son and a well-regarded California red wine together.

Handle-Jackson. This one is Rich’s idea actually (playing off of Kendall-Jackson). He thinks the label would need a picture of me holding the lil guy.

Raudonas. This is one of my more obscure-but favorite-ideas. Raudonas means "red" in Lithuanian. I’m 1/4 Lithuanian by the way, not just looking for off-the-beaten-path languages.

Manovella. As you can see at right, we used a hand-cranked crusher/de-stemmer. In Italian, manovella means "crank handle."

Tomato Head Red. This is sort of an inside joke in the LENNDEVOURS household these days.

I’m sure that many more ideas will flow in and out of my mind in coming weeks…but these