Odw_05vingrisToday we’ll continue with a quick tasting note on Osprey’s Dominion Vineyards 2005 Vin Gris.

I’ve written here numerous times about local rose wines and how diverse they can be. I guess the same can probably be said for many wine regions, but it always amazes me anyway. You’ve got your sweet, flabby versions that taste more like Koolaid than anything made with wine grapes. You’ve got fresh, clean, crisp wines that are just awesome on a hot summer day or with a picnic lunch. And of course there’s everything in between too.

This rose, made with cabernet sauvignon grapes, is a nice example of a drier style but I don’t think it’s bone dry. There might be some residual sugar here.

Ripe berry flavors come through on the nose, including sweet strawberries, raspberries and just a little bit of cherries. There is an almost-buttery note too that is really interesting interesting. Maybe the result of some malolactic fermentation?

Fruity and a little round on the mid-palate, this rose is medium bodied and has a similar flavor profile—with the addition of some watermelon and a minty note on the finish.

This is a wine I’ve enjoyed in the past and this one is pretty good to, if not as fresh-tasting as I really like.