Medollavineyards_2I got an email this morning from John Medolla, who along with his wife  Denise, just released their first merlot under the new Medolla Vineyards label–adding yet another producer to the North Fork wine scene.

I hope Lisa Granik is paying attention.

Medolla’s first release, a 2002 Merlot ($23) was produced at the Lenz Winery with Eric Fry (of Lenz) serving as consulting winemaker.

Medolla Vineyards is one of the smallest in the region with an initial annual production of 500 cases. They hand harvest grapes from local vineyards.

Both John and Denise work in the aviation industry, but their family has winemaking roots that can be traced to the base of Italy’s Mount Vesuvious. John’s grandparents were wine makers from the
nearby town of Torre Del Greco.

I have yet to taste this first merlot release, but I’m hoping to get my hand on a bottle this week.