Dscn0751I think I make it pretty easy on my family when it comes to my birthday. I don’t like huge parties (barely like birthday parties at all actually). A small affair with good friends and good wine is all I need to celebrate.

And, when it comes to gifts, I think I’m even easier. Buy me a grill.

Over the past few years I’ve gotten my new gas grill, a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker and this year I went old school with a Weber kettle. We also have an outdoor fireplace that can be used as a grill in a pinch.

Now, you might think that this means I’m done with new grills…and Nena certainly thinks so (I have to give her credit for being tolerant of four fire-producers in our back yard). But I’m sure as time goes on I’ll find something else I want.

Oh…and no, it’s not my birthday yet. But it’s kind of hard to hide these big boxes. So, I get my gift when it arrives usually!