"There is no reason to produce wimpy little pink wines with no
varietal character."

That’s what David Page, co-owner of Shinn Estate
said when I asked him
about his 2006 Rose ($16).

Their rose is different alright-different from every other Long Island rose I’ve tasted this summer. It’s a much richer, bolder wine. The strawberry- and watermelon-scented wine is
far from wimpy. It’s medium bodied and much rounder and fuller on the
palate-but still balanced with gentle acidity and even a little tannic

There is a
faint buttery note too, although malolactic fermentation was strictly
avoided. For me, it’s almost too bold, but it’s still plenty fresh,
refreshing and versatile.

Page, a professional chef,  recommends it with "everything from lobster rolls on
the beach to charred steaks in the backyard." Sounds like the perfect wine for a North Fork summer.

It’s worth mentioning that rose isn’t an afterthought (or a by product of red wine production) at Shinn. They have a particular lot, of a particular clone of merlot that they devote to their rose every year.

Producer: Shinn Estate Vineyards
AVA: North Fork of Long Island
Price: $16