In our house, there’s only one baker. And it’s not me. Baking just requires a level of precision and adherence to ratios and recipes that I’m simply not capable of. I always put a little extra of this or that in when I’m cooking. Do that when you’re baking, and you could end up with a horrific result.

Nena, on the other hand, is quite a baker. It’s one of the things that I fell in love with early in our relationship. Between my cooking (and hers as well) and her baking, we are a complete culinary set. She completes me. Cliche? Yes. But true.

And, after our trip to the Hudson Valley Saturday, we had a lot of apples laying around.

Above, you can see the delicious result of her work. I think this was her best crust yet. I say "was" because the pie is gone already, shared with friends and in my belly.