Nycc_oct07October’s shipment from the New York Cork Club will be sent out soon, and it’s time to let members know what’s coming (and let non-members know what they are missing).

First, as you can see, is the Ravines Wine Cellars 2006 Dry Riesling ($16). Yes, I know I’m sending another riesling and I swear I wasn’t planning to, but this one is just too tasty. Filled with lime, mineral and faintlyl floral qualities and awesome acidity, this really shows off everything that is so great about Finger Lakes riesling. And at $16 it’s a great buy too.

Our second selection this month, Channing Daughters Winery’s 2006 Rosati di Merlot ($17), is another one that I hadn’t planned on. I tasted it a while back and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until I had it at two great local restaurants, with food, that it hooked me. The somewhat standard strawberry and watermelon flavors are here, but it’s the intriguing earthy quality that jumps out at you. I had it with fresh pasta tossed with sage and pistachios and it was as perfect as perfect gets. This wine is sold out, but we were able to get enough for the club. And, this is the last year it will be made with merlot from the McCall Vineyard in Cutchogue, so I’m glad we got it.

Serve them both at Thanksgiving if you want, they’ll be perfect with the variety one usually finds on the Thanksgiving table.

That’s it for this month, but I’m hot on the trail of some great, hard-to-get and just-plain-stellar wines for next month.