Viticulturehandbook1We all know, green/sustainable/biodynamic/organic vineyard management is one of the hottest topics in the wine world these days. But how can the uninitiated get on the road to greenness?

Cornell University and the Cornell Cooperative Extension have just released a new workbook to help grape growers in New York and the Northeast.

The 125-page self-teaching workbook, "New
York Guide to Sustainable Viticulture Practices," offers guidance in evaluating and adopting the best management practices for minimizing environmental impacts, reducing economic risks and protecting worker health and safety.

Topics include: soil management to reduce
erosion, runoff and leaching; use of integrated pest management
practices for insect, disease and weed management; nutrient management,
with a particular focus on nitrogen use; pesticide management and spray
technology; and cultural practices used in viticulture.

It is available in both print ($30) and a free online