BourbonredI’ve just finished ordering my Bourbon Red turkey from Garden of Eve Organic Farm for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

As you can read on their website, they are raising 200 of this heritage breed. They are slow growing, taking up to 6 months to mature, rather than the 3 months or less needed to raise standard turkeys.

These free-range birds (they can actually fly and do escape from the enclosure) are fed an all-vegetarian grain feed with no hormones or antibiotics, which was developed specially for Garden of Eve by a local feed mill, much of which is grown here in New York state.

At almost $7 per pound, this is going to be the most expensive turkey we’ve ever bought, but it is absolutely worth it to have such a healthy, humanely raised bird this year. And, I’m excited to taste this breed, which apparently has a lot more flavor than your grocery store Butterball.

Does anyone have an recommendations for cooking with a heritage turkey? I’ve read that brining isn’t needed to retain moisture or add flavor, but any other suggestions are welcome.

We’re also signing up for GoE’s winter CSA, read all about it.