Wbw_silverburgFinding a Silver Burgundy, as this month’s WBW host asked of us, proved much harder than I ever imagined. True, I didn’t have time to go to my go-to shop for WBW. It’s an hour from our house with traffic. But still, I stopped at two shops on my way home Tuesday evening expecting that I could find something. Strangely, if we were doing Chablis or "gold" Burgundy, I would have several options. Not so for this month’s theme, however.

But, it was the lovely and talented Mrs. LENNDEVOURS, who found this bottle of La Mere Boitier Macon-Villages at a third local shop later in the evening. For $13.99 no less.

Sadly, because we found our wine so late, and things have been hectic with a sick 9-month old here at the LENNDEVOURS world headquarters there wasn’t time for a full-fledge review, meaning that I didn’t taste it blind or even pull my notebook out. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t like it.

I’m not going to pretend that it was some sort of revelation. It wasn’t. But it had nice apple and citrus flavors, just a little oak that comes through as vanilla an caramel. Nice, faint hints of minerals too. Nice, but not aggressive, acidity balances the wine nicely and the finishe was a bit longer than I expected at this price point.

So, overall I’d definitely drink this wine again. Nena really liked it too, so we just might be drinking it again very soon.