LogcabinWell, the trip to Pittsburgh, with Jackson, went far better than I expected it to. True, he only napped for 45 minutes of the 7 1/2 hour trip rather than the 3 hours or so he would have had we not been on the road, but we made good time and Jackson has been the talk of the town since we arrived. Okay, maybe just within my extended family, but he’s the star none the less.

Yesterday, Nena, Jackson and I, along with my sister, parents and grandparents, went to Log Cabin Inn in Harmony, PA, just north of my parents’ house in Cranberry Township. This isn’t a fine dining establishment by any means but it’s a bit of a family tradition when we’re in town and it’s extremely kid friendly. And, Nena always shares a slice of their famous peanut butter pie with my mom and sister.

One thing about my family, if you tell them you really like a certain food item, you can bet they’ll put it on front of you again and again. That pie is a prime example.

The fried zucchini is good and the salad I had came with the typical-for-Pittsburgh French fries on top. Yes, fries are a condiment in the ‘burgh. You’ll find them on salads and on sandwiches here. Jackson really like the macaroni and cheese and the apple sauce.

And, being as it was St. Patrick’s Day, I had to have a Guinness, which was served just a little too cold, but not horribly so.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at Willow with our friends Jon and Erin. Look for a report in the next couple of days.