Long Island wines have been getting a lot of coverage lately, so I thought I’d point out some of the best and most interesting coverage of late.

  • Pindar Vineyards’ winemaker Les Howard (formerly of Jamesport Vineyards) was just featured in the Daily News. The story, which talks about how Les worked his way up in the local wine world is a nice one and Les is deserving of more attention. He did some really great things at Jamesport and it will be interesting to see what he does with the extra 60+ thouseand cases of wine he’ll be making.
  • Howard Goldberg of the New York Times has written about what he tasted at Brooklyn Uncorked a couple weeks ago. He has some different favorites than I do, but it’s hard to argue with the wines he highlighted, save maybe calling Palmer’s sauvignon blanc "world class." It’s good, but that borders on hyperbole I think.
  • Brad Coelho, a blogger a bit in the Alice Feiring model, has written about Long Island wine over at Unidentified Appellation. I’m not sure where he gets "a soil type that vines have no earthly business being in" and his attack on Raphael is out of bounds and seems way too personal, but the rest of the piece has some good information. I don’t know Brad at all, but he does lose some credibility with me because his commentary turned personal here.
  • Wolffer Estate’s 2007 Rose was rated 2 and a half stars in the San Francisco Chronicle, the highest rating of any U.S.-made rose. I gave it an extra half star.