Nycc2 Have you ever found yourself reading about a magnificent Long Island
merlot or a racy Finger Lakes riesling and thought to yourself “Man, I
wish I could get my hands on that wine, but I can’t get New York wines
here in (insert your home town/city/state here).”?

The New York Cork Club, a joint venture between this blog and is making New York wines more accessible to people around the country.

Every month, I’ll hand select two bottles of New York wine and Bacchus will send them to you if you’re members of our unique New
York wine club. Monthly wine costs are between $30-$60 (depending on
the individual selections) plus shipping. There is also a quarterly
shipping option.

There are other wine clubs out there — even some focusing on wines
from Long Island or the Finger Lakes, but this is truly unlike any
other New York wine club. Instead of a faceless wine
shop picking the wines (often the ones that they make the most money
one) Bacchus has given me full control over the wines every month. You’ll also get
to taste wines from all over New York State, not just a single winery
or region.

And, because of my connections in the New York wine
industry, I’ve been able to get wines that no one else can get. We’ve
included several wines that are only available in winery tasting rooms. We’ve also been able to get our hands on wines long before they are released to the public.

How do I pick the wines? It’s pretty simple. I taste a lot of New
York wines for my blog and various other writing outlets. I pick the
ones that I enjoy and drink the most. I don’t make any money from the
club. I’m just sharing the wines that I’m excited about with you.
Sometimes they are flagship wines from some of New York’s best
wineries, but I also find the under-the-radar gems that most people
don’t even know about. There are new wineries popping up every day. I
find those wineries and, if they are worthy, get my hands on them for

To see some of the wines we’ve had in previous months, check out the New York Cork Club category page.

Interesting in signing up? You can do so on the Bacchus website.