Wbw I honestly don't know that I've ever tasted a Kosher wine. I'm sure that I have, at some point along the way, but I've never had a reason to specifically seek them out. I've heard a lot about them, and very little of it has been good.

And that's why, when John over at The Corkdork got in touch with me about hosting WBW this month with a Kosher wine theme just in time for Passover, I thought "Hey, that sure would give me an excuse to try some Kosher wine. Let's do it!"

So there you have it. That's how Wine Blogging Wednesday #56 Fine Kosher Wines was born.

Join us on the last day of Passover, April 15 and post about at least one Kosher wine. Me? I've actually gathered a handful of appropriate wines so the LENNDEVOURS crew will have some fun with this theme.

Check out John's full post for all the details