By Melissa Dobson, Finger Lakes News Correspondent

GoldennoseThe Seneca Lake Wine Trail has quietly suspended one of their most popular events of the year, the 2009 Golden Nose Awards Weekend, scheduled for May 30, 2009.

“Despite how enthusiastic past attendees have been, and ostensibly driven by the weakened economy, ticket sales were not quite as robust as in years past, so rather than try to run the event with measurably diminished attendance, we have opted to quietly suspend the event and focus on the 2010 Golden Nose Award event," stated Paul Thomas, executive director of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

The 2008 Golden Nose Awards was one of the first Finger Lakes wine events I attended so it is near and dear to me.

A post detailing my experience at last year's event continues to rank as one of the most visited on my blog, so it seems that the economy truly is what has stagnated this year's sales, not a lack of interest.