The last grapes coming in at Shinn Estate Vineyards

Shinn_star On Sunday, Barbara Shinn and the harvest crew at Shinn Estaste Vineyards harvested their cabernet sauvignon yesterday, wrapping up the harvest of 2010.

According to co-owner David Page the photo at right is Barbara and team as they "give thanks to the astral forces that have provided us with a healthy and dynamic harvest. The star shape formed by the hands that stewarded our vineyard to fruition is a symbol that represents our planet Earth's star, our Sun."

This was the first organic and biodynamic harvest ever on the East Coast, an accomplishment that is deserving of respect — no matter what your thoughts are on individual organic or biodynamic treatments.

"We will be certified by Demeter in 2012. Thanks Carlos, Guadalupe, Israel and Jose," Page said in an email yesterday morning.