By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

NatThis glistening lager pours a glowing well-hydrated-post-water-bottle urine color with no head or lacing to distract from the pure, unadulterated aromas bursting from the nose.

A glorious flavor profile of sweat, tears and gonorrhea enlivens the palate and transports the drinker back to freshman orientation, with lascivious notes of latex, metal can and couch pizza supplanting the usual malt profile.

The palate is akin to licking the undercarriage of a Hummer: fascinatingly steely and rusty with hints of kerosene and douchebag. A long, almost-too-long finish ensures the place of this memorable beer in the sense-memories of college-educated adults everywhere.

Producer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
ABV: 2% if you