Posts Written OnJune 27, 2011

Times Union New York Wine Club: June 2011 Selections

By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor JUne's Times Union New York Wine Club selections are on their way to members today and tomorrow, so it's once again time to announce the selections and share a bit about them. For our Basic-Level Members this month, we have two whites that represent tremendous value — and hot weather deliciousness. Hermann J. Vineyard 2009 Frost Cuvee is a unique, off-dry blend of riesling, gewurztrainer, chardonnay, pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.  Though off-dry with 1.5% residual sugar, there is a citrus drenched bold of electric acidity that runs through this flora, citrusy wine. It teaches…

Buffalo Beer Week Invades WNY

By Julia Burke, Beer Editor Residents of the City of Buffalo may have noticed a strange phenomenon last week: all beer-loving residents suddenly became completely unavailable at work, at home and in their social lives. Every craft beer enthusiast in town went off the societal radar for seven days of the beer extravaganza known as Buffalo Beer Week. When I described Buffalo Beer Week to a friend he replied,

NYC Correspondent David Flaherty: Time with Nicolas Joly

You might be wondering where David Flaherty, our New York City Correpondent, has been the last couple of months. He's in Europe, with his wife, visiting breweries, vineyards and other food and wine meccas. You can keep up with their travels via his blog, Grapes & Grains, but I wanted to share this video they shot in the Loire Valley with Nicolas Joly. No, it's not New York, but it's timely what with all the 'natural' and 'biodynamic' discussion on the site in the wine world lately.