Posts Written OnJuly 19, 2011

Op-Ed: “On Spitting and Sangiovese in the Finger Lakes” Rob Tebeau, Fringe Wine

Editor's Note: The following is an op-ed written by Rob Tebeau from the blog Fringe Wine, a site focusing on the lesser-known regions and grapes in the wine world, based on his first visit to the Finger Lakes wine region. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the NYCR or its editors. By Rob Tebeau, Fringe Wine From June 24 through July 1, 2011, I was on vacation in the Finger Lakes, checking out the local wine scene. New York Cork Report executive editor Lenn Thompson helped me with an itinerary full of can

In Praise of Home and Amateur Winemakers

By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Editor The word "authentic" is bandied about with too much regularity when we discuss wine these days, and yet I feel compelled to use it here. That's because there is nothing in the world of wine so raw, so ungussied up, so uncorporate — so authentic! — as a bottle of wine created by a non-professional. It almost never carries an industrial label, and often conveys, through a smudged and sticky exterior, the dirty hands required to make it. The home winemaker is unburdened by bias. You think all Baco is subpar? Talk to the…