By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

BromigoThree Heads Brewing is on a roll lately with new releases, and Bromigo, their very first fall seasonal offering, is an interesting foray into flavorings: it's a smoked maple amber brewed with maple syrup.

The nose is wonderfully complex for a fall seasonal — sweet and smokey, with full and thick maple notes backed up by toffee and vanilla and a firm roast. There's no aggressive alcohol to speak of, just the rich scents of a woodsy fall flannel-wearing, maple-syrup-tapping party. 

Bready malts and roast dominate the palate. It's not a thick beer, for the lushness of the nose; instead it's more roast and smoke and an exceptionally dry finish that lasts long but could almost use a little more body.

It's a nice change, though, from the sweetness of many fall styles, and it's certainly a sessionable version of a "smoked maple" brew at a well-incorporated 7% ABV.

I admire the deft subtlety of the rather in-your-face ingredients used, but I found myself wanting just a little bit more of a malt bill; that said, this would shine with a steak or venison on the grill.

Is it hunting season yet?

Producer: Three Heads Brewing (via Custom Brewcrafters) 
ABV: 7
Sample Size: 16 oz. bottle 
Stemware: 16 oz. V-glass 
Price: $6.99 


(3 out of 5, Very good/Recommended)

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