Does the New York Cork Report really need a European Correspondent? I never thought so, until I ‘met’ Will Donbavand via Twitter some time ago. Here was this guy in the UK who was just as passionate and excited about New York wine as anyone already on the team. You see, the company he works for, Wine Equals Friends, imports some of New York’s best wines into the UK.

After a few private and public exchanges about specific New York wines, I was convinced that Will would fit in just fine with the team.

Along with Wine Equals Friends’ founder Sue Chambers, Will covers almost every role on a day-to-day basis. From looking after client accounts and leading tastings with prospects, to processing orders, organizing events, marketing and PR, and social media.

“We now have wine from 14 producers across Long Island and the Finger Lakes, selling to private customers, independent merchants and high-end restaurants,” he says.

“The restaurants have really picked up on the quality and diversity available from New York, with our client list growing exponentially as top sommeliers jump on-board.

Wine Equals Friends is the only company importing from New York and they are proud to specialize in and spearhead the region across the pond.

When Will’s not singing the praises of New York wine, he can be found playing bass in New Bones, recording in the studio or working as a front of house engineer and tour manager. “I’ve just come off a tour doing front of house and tour managing a band called Night Engine, who have been supporting Kaiser Chiefs, and we’re off again with The Joy Formidable next week,” he says adding “It is an odd mix, but I think they work hand in hand, and I love them both.”

Will will write more-or-less monthly pieces on the success (and failure) of New York wine in the UK, what sommeliers are saying aboutg the wines and — of course — his own opinions.

Please join me in welcoming Will to the team. This is an exciting and unique addition.