see-you-in-2014It’s Christmas Eve here at NYCR Worldwide Headquarters and it has just started snowing — two days after nearly reaching 70 degrees. Long Island weather is nothing if not interesting. Our grape growers know that well.

Before my wife and I spend the next couple of hours filling in for the North Pole’s most famous resident, I just wanted to offer each of you a happy, fun and safe holiday season filled with great friends, family and of course delicious local libations.

I’ve given the team the rest of the year off and plan to mostly take the next week or so off from NYCR business myself, but I do need to announce the Empire State Cellars Wine Club shipments for January. I’ll take care of that on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support. 2014 will bring yet more changes to NYCR — for the great. If you enjoy what we’ve done already… you haven’t seen anything yet.