This IIPA looked like it was going to pack a punch as soon as it was poured. The cloudy copper color and vigorous head pushed up a beautiful nose on this one.  Aromas of citrus and orange-blossom meld with sweet caramel, malt and biscuit underneath. Above everything the smell reminded me of a brew-house.

The palate came through strong and intense, as is intended when making a beer of this style. Fruity as hell – blood orange, lemon and grapefruit were all but enveloped in the malt profile. Some of that biscuit quality is also present on the palate and guides the beer into a long but not overly bitter finish. When I looked at the bottle earlier which boasts 4 hop and 3 malt varieties and a 9.5% ABV to boot, I never imagined the beer would have such great balance.

I was especially surprised by the balance in comparison to Southern Tier’s 2xIPA, which is way bitterer (yeah, apparently bitterer is the proper way to say it) and a total palate wrecker. If you are a fan of huge yet palatable beers do yourself a favor and grab a few of these.

 (4 out of 5, Outstanding and Delicious, Highly Recommended)