Merlot photo courtesy of Roanoke Vineyards

Summit news and short lists this week as harvest hits the half-way point and the wine is starting to settle in the barn.

Cool Hunting - 10/5/2015
Wolffer Estate featured as a hallmark of living the Hampton’s lifestyle.

Cornell Veraison to Harvest - 10/9/2015
Regional harvest report, learning on Long Island, and a fine example showing the effect of lateral clusters on wine quality.

Capital New York - 10/7/2015
The summit is not just vine and brew, there’s other drink out there, it’s true. The NY spirits sector, is on a hot vector, and they get their just desserts too.

Auburn Citizen - 10/11/2015
The state is bully on beverage…The 3rd annual Wine, Beer, Spirits & Cider Summit goes down with lots of thumbs up for the local production.

NewsDay - 10/11/2015
Top tour tips for tasting wine and quality experiences on Long Island.

Auburn Citizen - 10/12/2015
Auburn doubles up this week and glad to see their enthusiastic coverage. Cassandra Harrington checks in the with the women of the Cayuga Lake wine trail.

New York Times - 10/14/2015
Wherein Eric Asimov shares a shortlist of wines, that deliver the goods to the daily table, and Finger Lakes Riesling is among them.

Hudson Valley Beer, Wine, Spirits & Cider Summit - October 14, 2015
The governor can have all the summits he wants but the Hudson Valley is hosting their own this week at the Culinary Institute of America with Kevin Zraly presiding.