By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

Wineclublogosmall As of today, the New York Cork Club is no longer… and yet I'm happy and excited. Why?

Because the New York Cork Report and Bacchus Wine and Spirits have added a third partner in the program, the Albany Times Union, to form Times Union New York Wine Club.

It's more than just a name change, however. It's really a revamp of the club and expansion of it — for a good cause.

The current club has one option, but the new club will feature two distinct levels — a "Basic" membership that includes two bottles for a set price of $30 plus shipping and the "New York Cork Report Premium" membership that operates much like the current club, maxing out at $60 per month plus shipping.

I'm still the club's curator, meaning that I pick each of the four wines every month, which is doubly fun for me really.

Best of all proceeds from the club will benefit the Times Union