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The Cork Report | Episode 1: Who Inspired Me? Why Am I Doing This?

So here it is — the first episode of The Cork Report. Nothing major this week, just me talking about some of the podcasts that inspired me and a bit about what I hope to cover and accomplish with it. Shout out to Anthony Ianni for the theme song “First Fall” and to PJ Sedgwick for the killer logo artwork. I forgot to mention them in the track and will need to remedy that the next go-round. I’m still not sure how often I’ll pull these together, but I’m shooting for two per month at least. And I can’t really…

Introducing “The Cork Report”… Almost

I’ve procured theme music (big shout out to long-time reader Anthony Ianni for providing an original song “First Fall”). I’ve learned just enough Garageband to piece together and introduction. And as you can see, I now have a logo/cover art (thanks to NYCR creative director, PJ Sedgwick). Now I just need to sit down, plug in the mic and click record.  It’s coming soon. I promise. In the meantime, you can also follow the latest The Cork Report podcast updates via Twitter at    

Coming Soon: A Not-Yet-Named Podcast

The USB microphone has arrived. The theme music has been acquired.thanks to a long-time reader and friend. Now I just need a name for it and to learn how to use Garageband to put it all together — and we’ll have a brand-spanking-new podcast available. Keep an eye here for updates. We’ll interview grape growers, winemakers and people from every corner of the wine world. And not just from New York. It should be fun and it’ll certainly be different.  

Beer Podcast: Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall I’m soloing it again, but Rich will definitely be back on the show soon. On this installment I pop open a Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. It’s a fairly hoppy IPA. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. It’s a style of beer invented in England, but has been adopted by Americans and turned into a completely new beer. The English version was a Pale Ale that was more alcoholic and more highly hopped. The hops act as a preservative to keep the beer fresher tasting over the long voyage from England to India (hence the name).…

Beer Podcast: Legends in New Suffolk

On today’s show I tell you about my trip to Mr Beery’s in Bethpage to try Moo Thunder!  I hopped on a train and made it to Mr Beery’s just in time.  The beer club at Mr Beery’s had almost drained the keg before I got there.   Next on the show, I take the whole family on a trip out to Legends in New Suffolk.  Legens is a sports bar was some really excellent food.  They have about 30 or so taps and an extensive beer list that advertises more beers than they actually keep in their cellars.  …