DiefledermaussmSome people find it hard to believe that I’ve never been to an opera. I guess they are surprised because Nena is a singer (in that style), but growing up in the culturally challenged town of Pittsburgh, PA, I had little exposure to opera growing up.

In fact, my first opera experience of any sort was in a freshman humanities class at Allegheny College. We studied Don Giovanni for a nice chunk of the term, reading, listening…and I’ll admit that I went out and bought the CD. I really liked it. But that was the last humanities class I took outside of the writing arena…and I was a biology major so I didn’t need much anyway.

Well, tomorrow night, Nena and I are headed to the Metropolitan Opera to see Die Fledermaus — it’s one of my gifts to Nena for Christmas. And as it turns out, it will be her first-ever trip to the Metropolitan Opera, which surpised me when I found out as she’s been saying for years that she wanted to go. I assumed she’d been and wanted a return visit.

Anyway, she is beyond excited and I’ll admit to sharing in her anticipation.

Do I know anything about the show? Nope.
Do I know a word of German? Nope.
But I hear there are subtitles in ever seat, so I should be fine.

Wanting to eat at a somewhat casual place nearby, I made us reservations at Arte Cafe, a neighborhood Italian spot that promises to be satisfying. In looking at their wine list, I see some interesting, reasonably priced stuff that I’m looking forward to checking out.

Anyone know of any wine bars in the area?