…with the old stove.

Normally I’d never do a post about a simple pasta dinner, but this one was special…not for its deliciousness, but because our new stove (and fridge) come today, so this mixture of bacon, chick peas, oven-dried yellow cherry tomatoes, kale, garlic, onions and fresh basil (which I later tossed with whole wheat pasta shells) was the very last meal cooked at our old, pathetic stove.

Oh, it still works, but none of the elements are level, so the oil/butter pools to one side when trying to sautee or pan fry.

Our old fridge (which came with the house, just like the stove) is on its last leg however. It runs constantly and also defrosts 24×7, resulting in significant amounts of water pooling in the bottom.

So congrats to us for getting new appliances. I’m sure we’ll post some pictures…because we’re kitchen geeks.