Posts Written OnNovember 02, 2006

Heading to Blue Hill at Stone Barns Tomorrow Night

I rarely do "preview" posts, because I really don’t think you care what I’m going to do any given weekend. But, tomorrow night I’m doing something that I’m excited about, whether you care or not. Haha. Today is Nena’s birthday and Saturday is her baby shower in upstate New York. So, tomorrow after work, we’re heading north, and stopping off at Blue Hill at Stone Barns for dinner with our friends M and T. Blue Hill is a restaurant that I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time now, but scheduling has always been difficult, until I realized we could…

2003 Releases from Sherwood House Vineyards

2003 wasn’t a great vintage for Long Island wines — and many of the wines I’ve tasted from the vintage support that statement. Many, particularly the reds, tend to be under ripe and lacking flavor. The whole growing season wasn’t sub-par, but one of the most important parts was. After a perfectly fine spring and summer, untimely rain and then two October frosts did the vintage in. Basically, frost kills the vines’ canopy, stopping photosynthesis and keeping the grapes from getting fully ripe. You can talk about “hang time” (on the vine) all you want, but without the sugar factory,…

Gilded Fork: Harvest Celebration Dinner Party Menu

This month on Gilded Fork, chef Mark Tafoya has put together a delicious menu to celebrate harvest season. And, as their wine pairing guru, I’ve suggested some wines — and one little surprise — to go along with it. Check it out today. And, if you haven’t checked out Gilded Fork yet, do yourself a favor and give them a shot. The writing overflows with passion about all things delicious.