Clovis_pointIt looks like the North Fork is home to yet another winery — Clovis Point. I had heard something about this a while back, but didn’t know they were finally open (meaning they just got their license) and selling wine. (Thanks, Sean, for the tip.)

Clovis Point is named for sculpted tools found near their vineyard that were used by the earliest inhabitants of Long Island’s North Fork over 10,000 years ago. Clovis Point was founded in 2001 when proprietors Hal Ginsburg, Mary Bayno, Nasrallah Misk, Jonathan and Renae Pine, and Richard Frey bought ten acres of farm land on Main Road (Rt. 25) in Jamesport. A year later they bought another, existing vineyard just down the street to bring total acreage to 15.

The winery team consists of John Leo, formerly of Premium Wine Group and Peter Gristina, formerly of Gristina Vineyards (which is now known as Galluccio Family Wineries). Their first releases include a 2003 merlot and two 2004 chardonnays.

I haven’t had a chance to visit or taste the wines yet, but hopefully I will soon.