Should we be looking for H. Stern Cellars or Chateau Stern to open in Long Island wine country?

I have no idea. This isn’t based on a single thread of news or even rumor.

But, Howard Stern, the only person on the radio worth listening to, not only loves wine, but is a Long Island native who is building a mansion on the East End.

Oh, and he also has plenty of money with that big Sirius contract.

With wineries like Sherwood House Vineyards, Castello di Borghese and Galluccio Family Wineries for sale-all under $10 million-Howard can probably buy one with the change in his couch.

Just think of the marketing and promotion opportunities. He’s got a huge group of loyal fans who I’m sure would plunk down $20 for a bottle of:

  • Bababooey Bordeaux Blend
  • Whack Pack Pinot
  • Stripper Syrah
  • Eric the Midget Merlot
  • Crazy Cabbie Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sioban (pronounced Chevon for non-fans) Chardonnay

So how about it Howard? I’ll even run the winery for you.