Posts Written OnJune 20, 2007

WTN: Waters Crest Winery 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (North Fork of Long Island)

Waters Crest Winery isn’t new to me or to you guys. I’ve written about Jim Waters and his wines many times in the three-plus years I’ve had this blog. But, for those of you that are new to LENNDEVOURS, Waters Crest Winery is one of Long Island’s smallest producers and one that I’ve long loved mainly for its white wines. The riesling in particular is a favorite of mine. Being a small winery is one thing, but with his Waters Crest Winery 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ($55) winemaker and co-owner Jim Waters has taken "small batch" wine to a new level.…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #35 Announced: Passionate Spain

So a few people have complained about the last few themes for Wine Blogging Wednesday. First you moaned about having to drink box wines. Then you said that wines from the Midi were too hard to find. And finally, you complained about the prices on Washington State cabernet sauvignon. Well guys, the July theme is for you. The wines for WBW #35: Passionate Spain are easy to find, you can pick a white or red wine, and Michelle, our host, wants us to spend $10 or less. Easy right? So, join us on July 11 for WBW #35.

What Wine Rating System Do You Want Me to Use?

Wine ratings. They have long been a source of tension, discussion and angst in the wine world. And with Blake Gray’s recent piece in the San Francisco Chronicle last week about the 100-point scale, it’s hot on the blogs once again. It’s also something that I’ve wrestled with here on LENNDEVOURS for quite a while. Long-time readers will remember that I used to offer grades…A through F. Then, I decided that I didn’t like that system and wasn’t sure what to move to. So, I moved away form rating/grades altogether. After all, I try to write reviews–you know, actual words–that…