Behold, a cider doughnut from Schoharie Valley Farms, known to locals simply as The Carrot Barn.

I had never had a fresh cider doughnut until I met Nena and she first took me to this farm/market/cafe for the first time. But boy oh boy, I love these things.

Tender. Gently spiced. Cakey and moist. Sprinkled with sugar. I could eat them by the dozen. Luckily, Nena is aware of my affection and only buys me one or two most of the time…otherwise I’d end up with Homer Simpson’s build.

Nena was upstate this weekend with Jackson and brought a few back to Long Island for me. They are gone. Never stood a chance.

These doughnuts are worth seeking out, especially now that harvest time is upon us here on the East Coast.