Because we don’t have any family nearby for babysitting, Nena and I have gotten a bit out of the North Fork dining scene. We did make it to Jedediah’s and North Fork Table last year, but there was one more North Fork restaurant we wanted to try — The Fifth Season in Greenport.

So, I was really disappointed over the winter when I heard that it has closed. Co-owner and chef Eric Orlowski is stringently dedicated to local ingredients (and wines) and his ever-changing menu has gotten rave reviews from critics and LENNDEVOURS readers. It seemed, however, that we’d not get to taste Orlowski’s food.

This afternoon, that changed as Nena, Jackson and I walked around Port Jefferson village. There, across the street from the marina was a restaurant called The Fifth Season in a space that has played host to several restaurants in recent years. Could it be the same restaurant and owners? A quick Internet search revealed that yes, it is.

Turns out that Chef Orlowski and his wife have reopened The Fifth Season — and a whole lot closer to our house. They are at 34 East
Broadway, and are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday,

And, now that Jackson is old enough for non-family babysitters, it’s going to be great to have them so close. Port Jefferson is a beautiful little Long Island Sound-side village, but the restaurants tend to be more underwhelming. Now, we might have one of Long Island’s best restaurants 10 minutes away. That’s definitely a good thing.