This Memorial Day weekend, we decided to host a big (for our house/yard) party. All told, we had nearly 20 people come, plus their kids and a great time was had by all. It’s not easy to narrow this down to 5 things because there was a lot to love about the long weekend but here it goes:

  1. My smoker’s 2008 debut. Take two pork butts, rub/marinate them for 12 hours, smoke them for 15 hours over charcoal and mesquite and what do you end up with? Tender, flavorful, porky deliciousness.
  2. Southampton’s Double White Ale. Beer goes better with real barbecue, I know. But I still wanted to drink local and you’ll never see me resort to serving mass-produced, corporate beers. So, I turned to Spencer at Southampton Ales & Lagers, who hooked me up with a 1/6 keg of their Double White Ale (and the CO2, jockey box, etc.). It was absolutely perfect on a warm pre-summer day with grilled fare. Best of all, everyone loved it — the craft beer lovers as well as the Bud Light drinkers.
  3. Watching the kids play together. Yeah, it’s cheesy but seeing Jackson playing with the other kids was a lot of fun. He makes me proud every day, that kid.
  4. Late night cards with M & T. Before Jackson came along, you could always count on me, Nena, M and T staying up late after any sort of party, drinking a little more and playing cards. Sunday night’s brief visit to our past life was fun. The reality of Jackson awake at 6 a.m. the next morning brought us back to reality.
  5. Finishing the weekend with local wines. I tasted a delicious local riesling to close out the holiday weekend. I may stray to beer on occasion, but I always come home to you, vino.