Rich Pisacano at Roanoke Vineyards (July 20, 2008) from Lenn Thompson on Vimeo.

Over the weekend, my new Flip Mino arrived and mostly, I’ve taken videos of Jackson. He’s pretty entertaining and that was the point — to take short clips that we can share with our families (since no one is local). But, I did take it along with me as we visited a few wineries with my parents and I shot this short clip at Roanoke Vineyards as my parents tasted their 2007 chardonnay.

This might be the only video I ever post… I’m not sure. It starts off a little hard to hear (the mic isn’t great on the Mino, but once I learn it more I think I’ll be okay). The loudest voice, obviously, is mine but I don’t say much.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think. Do you want more video? Might be a fun added dimension to the blog, certainly. I wasn’t planning to post this, so I don’t ask any thought-provoking questions. Perhaps that will come in the future.