You know, it’s funny how numbers work in my head. For some reason, the 48th and 49th editions of WBW didn’t hit me over the head with a "Wow, we’ve been at this a while" the way that the 50th edition is.

50. That’s Five-Zero. We’ve been at this a long time and I’m happy to report that I still look forward to it as much as I ever have.

This edition will be hosted by the Winehiker, known as Russ Beebe offline on his blog Winehiker Witiculture, which chronicles two of his loves — hiking and wine. Given his blog’s focus, it only makes sense that
he would ask us to consider mother nature this time ’round:

"And so, imagine you and your significant wineau walking
in the cool woods of Autumn. An amber glow lights your path, golden
leaves fall around you, and as you walk, you’re working up a sizable
hunger for that post-hike picnic you’ve got planned. Not to mention
that sizable thirst! Which wine will you pour in the Great Outdoors?"

He’s also offering participants bonus points for choosing a local wine (not a problem for the LENNDEVOURS crew), sharing the
name of the wilderness where you’d enjoy the wine, and actually drinking the wine there.

You can read the full announcement over at Russ’ site. Just make sure that you join us on October 8.