By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Rickvansickle Just like last year, we're going to publish short Q&As with TasteCamp attendees to find out about their individual experiences at the event, starting with Rick Van Sickle.

Rick, who will be launching this week, was one of of the people I was most looking forward to meeting last weekend at TasteCamp. 

Prior to last Friday, my only interaction with Rick had been via Twitter (he's @rickwine) where he enthusiastically Tweets about the wines of Ontario. Local wine geek? Absolutely. He's one of us.

He brought some local wine to our BYOB dinner on Saturday night — a cab franc and a riesling — and both impressed. Enough that I'm going to seek out more Ontario wines.

And now…the questions:

this your first visit to Finger Lakes wine country?
Yes, strictly
for wine tasting. Have been there to vacation.

Had you ever had any Finger Lakes wines before? And if so, what
was your impression of them?
Many years ago. My impression is not
printable here. Very poor quality, sickly sweet hybrid grape wines.

After tasting a larger sampling of the wines being produced in
the Finger Lakes, what is your impression now?
Very impressed. The
quality wineries are finding a stride and making what the microclimate delivers: Crisp rieslings, finesse cab franc, potentially great pinot
noirs and sparkling wines and a sprinkling of other interesting varietals.

in general, impressed you the most?
The rieslings and cab francs.
The rieslings, in particular, were outstanding world-class wines with a
style that is consistent with the top wineries.

What, in general, underwhelmed you the most?
The number of wineries producing crap wines and crap hybrid horrible
wines. There should be a move toward a quality assurance that wineries
have to adhere to.

What tasting or vineyard walk was and will be the most memorable
for you?
The Ravines Wine Cellars tasting and Argetsinger Vineyard walk where his top wine
grapes are grown. Fascinating owners and winemaker who is steadfast in
his beliefs. And perfectly matched to his grower.

so much online (Twitter, blogs, etc.) interaction with the attendees, which person surprised
you the
most in person?
Would definitely say @lenndevours … he's a lot nicer
in person and not as mean looking as his avatar (this is just between
us, right?)

If you had to pick
one, what would your wine of the weekend be?

Hermann J. Wiemer Magdalena single vineyard riesling. The older the
better, preferably the 2003.