There was a time in this site’s history when we tried to cover every corner of New York’s exciting and ever-changing food beverage industry. We had an entire team of beer writers. We even had some food writers along the way.

Then I decided to scale back and focus almost exclusively on wine — with Gibson sticking around writing beer reviews for us here and there. That was the going-forward plan until I got to talking with my friend Terence Daly the other day.

I met Terence when we were both working at Brewology. He drove and continues to drive one of the best beer programs on Long Island and I put together the restaurant’s initial wine list. The restaurant and I have since parted ways, but I’ve kept in touch with Terence and now I’m excited that he’s agreed to join the team to share his knowlege and experience with New York beer.

Terence grew up on the south shore of Long Island in the postcard town of Sayville. Summers spent gardening, fishing,clamming, crabbing with his grandfather and cooking with his grandfather was the start of his love of all things food and beer. It also helped that after cleaning the last flounder and patching up the cuts from pulling up razor clams with our feet, his grandfather would sneak a Coors Light to his grandson. It’s not the most crafty beer in the world but the seed had been planted.

After getting into the restaurant industry at the age of 15, Terence worked his way through washing dishes, bussing and waiting tables, and managing. The realization of his love of all things craft beer crystalized during this time. His sister and her now husband were both working at Bluepoint Brewery during it’s rise in the craft beer world. Growlers were often brought home for sampling. It’s a shame to say, but Terence was “that guy” in high school and college parties with his own six pack of craft beer while everyone else imbibed as much light beer as possible.
A few years later while working at the legendary Mirabelle and Mirabelle Tavern in Stony Brook, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was presented. His mentor was taking a job in New York City, leaving the well tended beer list without a shepherd. He jumped at the chance, bringing the list from 60 to 120 beers, hosting dinners and pairings, and bringing beer recognition to a historically wine centered location. When his time at Mirabelle was finished he moved on to hosting independent events and jobs as beer director for The Riverhead Project and currently Brewology.
Terence now lives in Wading River with his girlfriend Nicole, and their four children, Philomena, Lucy, Fransico, and Wallace. Join me in welcoming him to the team.