Hey everyone. I’m feeling a touch better today…and I probably over-did it by riding with Nena to run some errands after she got home from work today. I’m wiped out now…but…I had to share a little story from the trip…

While Nena was shopping at the craft store for lace and pretty bows (or whatever else one shops for there), I went next door to a wine shop I’ve visited once or twice.

I was browsing around…mouth watering over all the wines I’m still unable to drink for at least five more days…when I saw one of our favorite LI white wine values…Macari Vineyard’s Early Wine. And, it was on sale for ten bucks.

Anyway, I was reading the "shelf talker" about the wine and thought I recognized some of what was printed on it…and then I saw "– Lenn Thompson, Dan’s Papers" under it.

That’s right…I’m being quoted on shelf talkers now. Not bad…not bad at all.