By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

Auten1stWhen my colleague Evan Dawson first introduced us to Bloomer Creek, I only knew Bloomer Creek Vineyard as the winery that shared a parking lot with one of my favorite places to eat in the Finger Lakes, Stonecat Cafe. But, after speaking with Evan further about them, I knew that I had to get my hands on some of Kim Engle's wines.

Evan and I have similar-but-different palates and tastes when it comes to wine, but I think we agree on Bloomer Creek's rieslings — these are some of the most uniquely expressive, genuine rieslings in the region.

Bloomer Creek 2009 Tanzen Dame Auten Vineyard First Harvest Riesling ($16) oozes with ripe yellow apple aromas accented by a crushed fennel and caraway seeds, honey and a subtle biscuit-y, Champagne-like yeastiness.

Fuller bodied and almost rich on the palate, it offers a melange of tree fruit — assorted apples, pears and apricot — with more that honey-fennel character. There is gentle sweetness here, but a burst of acidity ushers in a long, apple-dried apricot-flavored finish.

You've never had a Finger Lakes riesling like this — and I think that's the point.

Producer: Bloomer Creek
AVA: Finger Lakes
ABV: 10%  
Production: 173 cases
Price: $16*

(4 out of 5 | Outstanding and Delicious, Highly Recommended)


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