Tomato_1I have a question, a simple one at that:

If you’re a restaurant and the tomatoes at your disposal are pink, lifeless, hard and taste like cardboard…why do you put them in your salads? WHY!?!?!?! I demand an answer!

Are there people who actually enjoy these things? Are wedges of tomato such a mandated ingredient that must appear in any salad, regardless of season and geographic location?

I know. Not every restaurant can afford or gain access to locally grown tomatoes year round. I’m not a complete food snob and I really do understand that. But, if you can’t get a decent tomato, please don’t serve it to me.

It’s the strangest things. No restaurant (at least not the ones worth going to) will knowingly serve brown lettuce or rotten steak…but these corrugated-tasting tomatoes make it through for half the year.

Stop the madness. If you want some non-green color in a salad, use a radish or some roasted red peppers. Maybe a dried cranberry or something. Just stop serving me tomatoes that would be more useful on a baseball diamond.

Sorry to rant…but the only thing annoying me more than this lately is the magazine subscription inserts…in magazines I already subscribe to. You know who you are.