BlockeI can’t help it. I have a sweet tooth…even if I’m not big into eating dessert (at least not compared to the future Mrs. LENNDEVOURS)..I love dessert…dessert wine that is.

Macari Vineyards‘ Block E, a dessert wine made in an ice wine style, is one of my two or three favorite Long Island dessert wines.

I picked up a bottle of their newly-released 2003 Block E a few weeks ago, and I have to say, it’s been torture not popping it open and polishing it off myself (mabye letting Nena have some).

But, I was able to control myself…until our wine tasting party Saturday night. After an evening tasting seven reds of various vintage, varietal and region and enjoying a dinner of grilled steak with scallion mashed potatoes and green beans with applewood smoked bacon and caramelized onions, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to open the Block E.

Eyes: Made from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes that were
hand harvested and then frozen before pressing, this is a very light
colored wine that is only slightly viscous in the glass. Not syrupy
looking at all.

Nose: Slightly floral and gewurtztraminer-like on the nose. I
don’t normally use this kind of comparison, but it smells like spring
in a glass. Inviting and tempting to be sure.

Tongue: Ripe and rich, filled with honey and tropical fruits
like mango and pineapple. Not cloying in the least, with lively acidity
and hints of crisp pear. It features a never-ending, elegant finish
that begs for another sip. Exceptional and even better than the 2002

Price: $35

Food: We drank it on its own. But, I think it would go great with fresh fruit or other non-chocolate or not-too-sweet desserts.

Overall: Yum. Ever since my first sip of Block E, I’ve been a
fan and this vintage lives up to that billing. Both Al and Matt liked
it too…which was part of the point. So many people think they don’t
like dessert wine. But, when a wine like this is poured, the bottle
never goes back in the fridge with wine in it.

Grade: A