Like most any American wine region, there are almost as many styles of
rose being made on Long Island as there are wineries. You have some that are almost
full bodied, big, soft and round on the palate and as dark as some light reds. You also have much lighter wines that are fresh, crisp and
definitely much more like white wines.

Personally, I almost always prefer the latter style. I like my
rose to have high, but balanced, acidity, fresh fruit flavors and maybe
even a little floral character.

Corey Creek Vineyards‘ latest rose, their 2006 Domaine CC Rose ($14) is just what I like in rose, and in a region where some wineries charge almost $20 for rose, it’s a relative bargain that is perfect for spring and summer sipping. This blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot is a
pretty pale pink and offers plenty of cherry, peach and cherry blossom flavors with fresh, tongue-tingling acidity.

So far, this is the best 2006
rose I’ve tasted.