Posts Written OnJune 27, 2007

New NY Wine Blog:

Have you heard about the Niagara Escarpment wine region in Western New York? I have, but I’ll admit to not knowing a whole lot about it or its wines. Very few of the wines make it to Long Island and, so far, very few wineries that I’ve dealt with have much interest in publicizing their wines in this part of the state. But, that might be changing. Duncan Ross, of not-yet-opened Arrowhead Springs Winery, and I just did an interview together that will be published over at Appellation America soon–and I learned a ton about the region. It’s really an…

New Sponsor: domaine547

I’d like to welcome domain547 as LENNDEVOURS’ newest sponsor. domain547 is a site that I enjoyed long before they floated the idea sponsoring LENNDEVOURS, so I was thrilled when they approached me. The site combines a blog, a forum and a wine shop…all with a fun, irreverent attitude that is hard not to love. So check them out and help support your favorite blog (that’s mine, right?)